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Welcome to Tizen Experts, Currently the largest Tizen related website in the World 🙂 We are a site dedicated to bringing you all the latest Tizen Operating System related news for the Tech and the developer minded folk.

It is early days for Tizen and as such still early days for the site, even though we initially announced ourselves at Intel Elements 2011 in Seattle. We are gearing ourselves up for Devices, OS updates, Developer Tools and all sorts of Flashing and Updating !!!! (technical stuff)

You can always catch us on the email address Contact [at] TizenExperts [dot] com or alternately use our Contact Us page to fill us in with any News related stuff you might have.

What is Tizen?

Tizen is a open source operating system which is designed for a variety of form factors, from smartphones to in-vehicle infotainment, Camera, Fridges and more. Tizen utilises HTML5 (HTML, Javascript, CSS) as the main focus for application development, allowing developers to maintain a single codebase.


The Tizen Experts Team


Ashiq Nazir

Editor in chief, Birmingham UK

Ash (thats the abbreviation for Ashiq) found his way to the Tizen OS from the Maemo & MeeGo OS / Community. Has a Network engineer / Infrastructure background, but it was the power and versatility of a True Linux based Operating Systems like the Maemo OS in the Nokia N900 that caught his attention. The MeeGo Developer Conference in Dublin 2010 was the thing that got him hooked. Open Source and Community was the way forward. Meego transformed to Tizen and here was are today! He has a passion for collaboration and covering everything to do with Tizen.

JohnPeter Elverding

Editor, Netherlands

JohnPeter Elverding (1957) is a Dutch consultant on marketing, sales and business management. Not only a proud father to his two daughters he’s also a partner in their mutual company, elverdesign. He often goes of the beaten path to find new solutions to problems others couldn’t solve. As for technology: To his programmers he said: Guys, will it survive MY testing (the sphincter test!) it’s ready for our customers and users. “My best tool is the reset to default settings button!

Sam Kousar

Editor, Birmingham UK

Sam loves Technology but on its own technology means nothing. It has to be implemented to see its benefit. Blown away by the rapid onslaught of Android from the HTC G1, She sees Tizen as the next big thing.

Come Join us

We are always looking for more writers and contributors to join our humble merry men (and women), So please get in Contact Us to discuss further.