Are you daring enough to even attempt to break free from a prison? If yes, then Prison Jail Escape 2018 must be the game you would always want to have in your Smartphone. It is a 3D Action game developed by Khadija Ali which is available to download for free in Tizen Store.

In this game, you’re to escape from a prison and run to safety. Now that itself sounds scary, isn’t it? How about we add that there would be obstacles, a lot of them, on your way? The obstacles like landmines, live electric waves and hidden camera guns make your journey to safety really-really difficult. The game has 10 different levels and the difficulty increases with every level you go up. As you go higher up the levels, you have to tackle with even bigger difficulties. While carefully dodging the security cameras, you also have to make sure that you don’t get caught by the cops and guards of the prison. You can get yourself guns and cars to deceive the cops or shoot the security cameras off.


The game has a rotating joystick which allows you to move in any directions. It also has on-screen car controls and shooting button which come handy higher up the levels. The background music of the game is really cool, giving you a peaceful state of mind to think about your strategies while on the run.


Prison Jail Escape 2018 is currently available for download on all of the four Tizen Smartphones (Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4). The size of the game is 76.38 MB. It has been receiving regular updates and the current version of the game is 3.6.0. So we can always expect more updates with even greater challenges.