Samsung uses Tizen as its preferred platform for its Smart TVs, smartphones (Z series), and wearables (most recently the Gear S3 Frontier, Gear S3 Classic, and Gear Fit2), and it’s clear that the Korean giant wants to bring Tizen to all its devices. The problem at this point has been that washing machines and vacuum cleaners are still “dumb” in their capabilities. Tizen will work best on smart washing machines, smart dryers, and smart vacuum cleaners.

To that end, Samsung intends to announce a slimmed-down Tizen OS, called Tizen RT, for its washing machines and other smart home appliances at its Tizen Developer Conference (TDC) today, according to a new report. The goal is to make all home appliances smart, to create devices that work in sync and communicate according to Samsung’s Internet of Things (IoT) agenda that is becoming one of the new long-term tech trends in the industry. All home appliances, in the future, will connect to the internet and “talk to each other,” in such a way that your TV can tell you when your load is finished and your dinner is ready to be served.

Samsung’s Tizen is small in terms of user adoption on the whole, but this week also confirmed that Tizen is rising in popularity. Tizen surpassed BlackBerry OS in smartphone usage to become the fourth-largest smartphone OS two years ago, and Tizen has also surpassed Android Wear in market share to become the second most-used wearables platform for the first time since 2015. With Samsung’s rising popularity in the home appliances sector and continued dominance in the US appliances market, and Samsung’s new Z4 headed to particular receptive markets, Samsung’s Tizen’s adoption rate and market share will climb even higher.

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