The Tizen Store, as the name suggests, is the Tizen Application Store for developers to publish their free and paid for Tizen apps. In April 2015, we saw the store expand it’s coverage to include 182 countries, which was mainly for FREE apps, but we saw this as setting the foundation for providing paid for apps further down the road.

Today, the Tizen Store has expanded its coverage to include a further 41 countries, bringing the total covered to 222. Developers can now target all these additional countries with their apps and games, and even branch out by creating localised content, which has its own Unique Selling Proposition (USP).


New Countries added

1 American Samoa 22 Maldives
2 Andorra 23 Marshall Islands
3 Bhutan 24 Micronesia
4 Cape Verde 25 Nauru
5 Chad 26 Netherlands Antilles
6 Comoros 27 New Caledonia
7 Cuba 28 Niger
8 Djibouti 29 Niue
9 Equatorial Guinea 30 Northern Mariana Islands
10 Eritrea 31 Palau
11 Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 32 Palestine
12 Faroe Islands 33 Réunion
13 French Guiana 34 Saint Pierre And Miquelon
14 French Polynesia 35 San Marino
15 Gibraltar 36 Sao Tome and Principe
16 Guadeloupe 37 Seychelles
17 Guam 38 South Sudan
18 Guinea-Bissau 39 Timor-Leste
19 Holy See (Vatican City State) 40 Tuvalu
20 Kiribati 41 Wallis And Futuna
21 Liechtenstein


So far we have seen the release of the Samsung Z1, Z2 and Z3 Tizen-based smartphones and we hope to see more being released during 2017. Samsung has been targeting more the budget / mid-tier mobile phone range at the moment, but we do hope to see more powerful devices making their way to us in 2017, like the Samsung Z5 SM-Z510FD, but there are no official launch dates at the moment.

Have you got a free or paid app that you want to distribute on the Tizen Store?

  • Chef Kaiser DISQS

    Ash, Does this mean that we can buy phones in these countries?

  • Zeed Millenium

    I have hopes for this new Tizen ecosystem. We need something fresh in the mobile ecosystem now.