Earlier today we had the Samsung Press Conference streamed live from the Consumer Electronics Show – Mandalay Bay Hotel, South Convention Center CES 2017. In recent times Samsung has made use of the stage at CES to announce TVs, home appliances, smart kitchen, smart home, computers, tablets, smartphones, IoT innovations and a whole lot more.

At CES 2017, Samsung has revealed the company’s next-generation Family Hub 2.0 smart refrigerator, Intelligent Washing machine, 2017 range of Smart TV QLED, Smart View App, Internet of Things (IoT). What do all these things have in common I hear you ask? TIZEN, the OS of everything, is powering them to a better-connected future.

Whilst we look deeper at what was revealed and get you all the details, you can find the streamed live event below:



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  • miguel patiño

    I already downloaded the Under armour app’s for gear fit 2, but Record Under Armour is the one that is working, all others keep requesting me to download the app for mobile from the store, but I already did, expecting to fix this.