Yesterday we did an article that the Samsung Z1 would have applications such as WhatsApp released and ready to Install at launch. Talking about launch dates, it looks like to could be tomorrow !!!. Well today we have some more details. It was in-fact an Android application that was installed using Open Mobile’s ACL Technology, which has tens of thousands of Android Apps as part of its catalogue.

Having thousands of Android applications at launch will certainly help attract users to the Tizen Smartphone platform whilst native and HTML5 Tizen apps are being developed. There is a video at the end that shows you the performance that is achieved using this solution, and you can’t tell the difference between running the same App on an Android phone compared to a Tizen phone. There is a little hit on battery but overall a Tizen device will out perform a similarly powered Android device in terms of performance and battery. Period.



Initial Installation Instructions

  • Go to the Tizen Store
  • Find and Install WhatsApp
  • Sign in with your Samsung Account
  • Download the ACL App via the popup

You will only need to Sign in to your Samsung account and also Install Open Mobile’s ACL Technology app once, subsequent Android application installations are done with one click. Check out the video below to see it in action.



You can see the potential of Open Mobile’s ACL solution below:

OpenMobile at the Tizen Developer Conference 2014


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  • someone port Tizen to the S3 please

    • zpdl

      and lg d802

  • Phillip Corbett

    How about Tizen Smartwatches like the Gear?

  • Ankit Patel

    Hello Sir,
    I request for Tizen OS video player,
    Samsung Z1 Tizen Os is awesome but Problem in a video player. Tizen given a only video player. This video player is not supported to the .wmv , .avi , .Mkv format video file. so plz upload new free video player (like android MX player) in Tizen Store…Anyway all Operating sys. and Basic app is excellent. I hope you are help your customer…! Thanks in advance…

    • santosh kumar sahoo

      right bhai

  • Raja

    i bought samsung z1 4 days before, good mobile but vedios and songs not downloaded. pls help me

  • girijesh

    Hii samsung z1 tizen mobile good but thats apps are very bad. Pls uploade new app. Like that Google play store app.

  • santosh kumar sahoo

    samsung z1 tizen mobile plz upload new free video player plz halp me

  • Regan

    Wow Very Nice Mobile

  • saif

    i need skype

  • bhanu

    Haii thz banni i bought samsung z1 its good but the apps vry bad plz up load new apps like google playstore plz help me

  • Askey Pradeepkumar

    Waste phone the tizen z1