Tizen, the follow on Operating System (OS) from MeeGo, is aimed at various profiles, not only mobile, just like MeeGo was. With that in mind a User Interface (UI) must be scalable and themeable to support these diverse profiles. Daniel Juyung Seo, who is a software engineer from Samsung, will be presenting at OSCON at 11:30am 23rd July a session entitled “The Art of Tizen UI Theme Technology in Various Profiles”. There will also be a stand at OSCON with demonstrations about the Tizen SDK.

The presentation will share the technology behind the scalable and themeable Tizen UI which is called EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries). With some configuration, you can reuse the same UI elements in different sized devices easily, regardless of DPI. This will reduce development time tremendously to support multiple products and applications. A couple of devices are already being shipped based on this technology.

If you are attending OSCON, please make sure you check out Daniel’s session at 11:30am on the 23rd July, and also the Tizen SDK demos.