The unofficial Tizen SDK Live DVD has now been updated to the latest version of lubuntu 14.04, and you can download the ISO image now.

This is a all in one integrated Lubuntu ISO Image. This images has the full Tizen SDK 2.2.1 installation at the /opt directory. You can try it as a live CD or you can install the operating system (Tizen SDK included). Please read Prerequisites for the Tizen SDK first 🙂

More Options? You can also build a live USB device

It is recommend to use Ubuntu Live USB Creator with Ubuntu, or Universal USB Installer (select “try unlisted linux iso” in the list) with Windows. They are nice because they leave the original boot menu. Be carefull with creating writable space ( on your USB device. It may cause real problems with performance if your USB device is not fast enough.





For the further information, Please head on over to, and also (russian)

Credit to Kirill Chuvilin for getting this project together 🙂