Ok, so I’ve just done an unboxing video for the Samsung Gear 2 Neo and guess what, I have a problem. It doesn’t connect. I hear there is some issues with the Samsung Gear Manager and a fix will be released on the 11 April. It is unclear if this is only a Note 3 Android problem or if others are also having problems.

In the meanwhile, if you’ve got an Note 3 and bought this Smartwatch you will find you can’t do anything. Nothing. The watch has to be connected to a Smartphone initially to be brought to life.

Below are a couple of Unofficial fix’s, but I have to stress that it involves downloading a leaked version of the Samsung Gear Manager in one case and using a workaround on a rooted phone for the other. Do it AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!!!

Solution 1

1. Visit the XDA Developers forum and download the Galaxy Gear Manager app. At this moment the version was 2.0.14031004

2. Make sure you can install .apk files on your Note 3. To do this go into Settings – General – Security, and select Unknown Sources. If you do not understand the implications, then please do not do this.

3. Use a file manager to Launch the Downloaded GearManager1_2.apk file.

4. Once Installed try connecting to your Smartwatch. I had to cancel the connection from the phone (not the smartwatch), then retry for it to finally connect.

Solution 2

Theres seems to be a newer version of Gear manager available in Australia that does not have this issue. Whilst we wait for a general release of this app you can do the following workaround. Note that you will need to have a rooted phone in order to do it:

1. Download Market Enabler from XDA Dev Forums.

2. Launch the application and backup your current settings before doing anything.

3. Set it to Australia (AU in the list).

4. Install the app from Gear Manager App from the Samsung Store.

5. Once installed, restore your settings in Market Enabler.


Please let us know how you get on in the comments or indeed if you don’t have any problem 🙂

You can also contact us with any Hacks / Tips or Tricks 🙂


  • swift11

    I don’t have a samsung phone atm (waiting for Tizen) :
    Gear doesn’t do anything without a phone ??

    • No. Initially you need to connect to Gear Manager to bring it to life. Thats why this hack is so important right now 🙁

      • swift11

        Thanks, great to know ! I’ll wait then.

      • swift11

        That’s absurd ! It should at least function as a watch and with the installed apps imo

        • Agreed, but once its been paired, you do not have the need for a connection for basic functions and apps that do not need an external connection. It is a lovely device !

          • swift11

            yep but a customer needs instant gratification = basic business strategy 😉

          • swift11

            forgot: I would have bought a Gear without this idiocy.

  • ]aaorn

    Just got the Gear Fit and I can’t pair with my note 3. Will try the above and report back

    • Look forward to hearing how you get on 🙂

      • ]aaorn

        worked! But you have to download the galaxy fit gear manager. It took three attempts before it was successful.

  • Eric

    i just got the gear fit and am trying to connect with my s3

  • Mark Miller

    what watch faces is on your watch in the photo?

    • That’s just a background image behind the standard clock 🙂

    • Sorry, got your question confused with someone elses. Thats Neon Digital off Samsung App Store – Free

      • Mark Miller

        Thanks will have a look for it

  • johnny

    Just received my Gear 2 with camera and it won’t connect to my Note 3. The watch won’t even tell time. It’s 100% worthless. Good grief Samsung, what the hell is going on?

    • Yes, having a smart watch that initially can’t do anything isn’t the brightest of ideas. Using the above workk arounds with help until there’s a newer version of Gear Manager with Note 3 support.

      • johnny

        Tried solution 1. Managed to install the S5 version of the Gear Manager but the “connecting to Gear” screen is still perpetual (it doesn’t even time out). I tried to cancel and try again, reboot the phone too. No go. A bit apprehensive to try solution 2.

        • solomonquansah123

          Please update the Gear 2 Neo software via Gear Manager -> Paired Device-> Software Update and then go through the process……Process is download the update on Note 3, upload (says download on note 3) the update from note 3 to the Gear, install the update, reboot and voila! This resolved my issue.

  • Jakob West

    I still cannot get my Gear 2 Neo connected to my Note 3. This is really frustrating me. I had the stock firmware installed, I just installed a new ROM because it was released yesterday and it still doesnt work.

  • Oscar Cordeiro

    The fitness part so far is useless with note 3 (hope for yet). The app fitness with gear does not track or uses maps, does not link with the s health ecosystem and the s health app (2.5.4) does not support the heart rate functionality from the gear 2. So, until samsung find out something usefull for all of us clients, we remain hopefully waiting for 3rd party development such as endomondo, runkeeper or runstatic. A final note, is useless to try s health 3.1 from S5 on note 3. I gave it a try after much googling and got all messed up.

    If anyone have ideas is welcome.