Due to the strong support from both Samsung and Intel , Tizen is set to quickly take over other Linux-based mobile OS’s that being OS Sailfish and Ubuntu. Network operators around the world and particularly in Asia are searching for options other than Apple or Google because Google have various restrictions and Apple do not allow any modification of their OS or to differentiate operator brand. The leading market intelligence firm ABI Research predicts Tizen will become fifth largest mobile OS this year.

Tizen has quickly formed group memberships and gained the support of various major mobile phone vendors. KT , NTT DoCoMo and SK Telecom have promised to promote Tizen OS in Asia. ABI Research estimates that Asia is Tizen’s best opportunity to launch their OS and will account for 65% of future smartphone installations worldwide.

What do you guys think? Will Tizen OS become fifth largest? Will it take over the likes of Sailfish OS by Jolla mobile? Is it a potential Android killer. Discuss in the comments below.


Source Tizen Indonesia