The Samsung Chord is a brilliant and fun way to share content and user events in real-time between devices. The Samsung Chord (Chord) SDK allows application developers to develop local information-sharing applications without a detailed knowledge of networking.

Chord enables simple real-time sharing without the cloud!

  • Easy discovery and connection with nearby devices
  • Real-time experiences between multiple devices
  • Fast peer-to-peer connection, without the need of a server
  • Decentralized networks where peers can come and go at any time

Chord quickly connects nearby devices so you can create shared, real-time experiences like collaborative interaction, multi-player games and media sharing. Without using the cloud or server, it instantly supports sharing 1-to-1, 1-to-many or many-to-many.

Devices running Chord-based applications discover each other using a UDP broadcast based discovery, and then use a TCP-based protocol stack to create a reliable, peer-to-peer local communication network. This network can be used to share data, including text, binary messages and files, with selected members of the network.

Chord SDK helps you create a group with multi-devices in real-time, automatically, requiring no manual processing of devices which join or leave the group.

All features are available through the functionality of the Chord SDK. You can enjoy multi-user games during an outdoor activity or share photos taken during your friend’s wedding ceremony to make a photo collage. Additionally, photos, documents and comments about it can be shared with group members in real-time.

The basic features of the Chord SDK:

  • Interaction between devices
  • Synchronized content sharing
  • Broadcast of messages to nearby devices
  • Data transfer between devices
  • Multi-player games


Chord will extend Samsung’s sharing presence beyond our own proprietary platform into the developer ecosystem. Samsung is fully committed to making Chord the top sharing protocol for app developers.

Chord is supported by Android API 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), API 14 or above.

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