A new update to the gPodder saga is upon us and it has been titled Night of Desirable Objects (I’m sure these guys need to get out more often … Lol)
Here are the updates:

  • Sanitize filename when saving to folder (bug 1317)
  • Remove gstreamer track length detection (bug 1316)
  • Win32: Fix issues with backslashes in commands
  • Better generation of one-line description
  • Fix bug when different podcasts have the same GUID (Maemo bug 12094)
  • GTK UI: Fix podcast directory dialog layout
  • Translation updates:
    • French translation of gpodder.desktop (by Vysserk3)
    • Galician (by Gonçalo Cordeiro)
    • Norwegian Bokmål (by Jim Nygård)
    • Spanish (by Jorge Suárez de Lis)

And they even provide a detailed ChangeLog which is available at

Download is available here

Source [gPodder]