RIM want your Qt Applications for BlackBerry 10

RIM want your Qt Applications for BlackBerry 10

Qt+Rim -520
Once upon a time we relished in the MeeGo dream. A linux based Open Source OS on your tablet, netbook, TV and of course the car (and anything else) and Qt was the easy to use Development framework to build all the glorious Apps with. Sadly that didn’t happen as Intel and Nokia split and went their merry way and that stalled MeeGo. Qt has had its own difficulties and a sense of lost direction.

MeeGo is waiting for a comeback with JollaMobile to come onto the scene but what about mobile developers that want their Qt Apps to live and breath ? Well Research In Motion (RIM) are today the largest company who are actively Embracing and Pushing Qt.


BlackBerry 10k Commitment

10k developer commitment - Blackberry rim qt
How does the BlackBerry 10k commitment work? If you earn a minimum of $1,000 USD on your application over 12 months then RIM will pay you the difference between what your application earned and $10,000 (terms and conditions apply).

What you need to do ?

  • Create your BlackBerry App
  • Get it approved through the built for BlackBerry program
  • Submit the App (and have it approved through the built for blackberry program) by 21st Jan.

Are you ready to show us what you got? It’s simple. Just create a BlackBerry 10 app and get it approved through the Built for BlackBerry program. If you earn² a minimum of $1,000 USD on your app over 12 months and you comply with the 10k Developer Commitment Terms and Conditions, RIM will pay the difference between your earnings and $10,000 USD for that app¹.


As many of you already know Ash is now a BlackBerry Developer Evangelist and would love to help you guys get your Qt Apps over to their new BlackBerry 10 platform that will release Q1 2013. You can catch him on Twitter: @AshNazir

Please submit your Qt Application details / ideas on the following page and Ash will get back to you to discuss further.

Get submitting. Get earning !


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