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Samsung has been really pushing the Tizen OS out lately on different types of devices such as home accessories and wearable tech, and since we have got an official reveal of Samsung Z (SM-Z910F) which is the first Tizen running Smartphone, there are new leaks popping on our screens as Samsung has been shipping a bunch of parts from South Korea which is their home country to certain parts of the world and apparently they are related to a Dual-Sim Tizen phone because of the code name or rather, the model code which is provided in the leaked image.

The code name is SM-Z130H and knowing the fact that Samzung Z runs Tizen as its OS, this could pretty much be the next Tizen device in the works for those of us who are interested in budget phones when it comes to newly born platforms.

We’ve got the rumor from SammyToday website and despite the slight typo in the model name on their website (Mentioning SM-G130H instead of SM-Z130H) We get it as some good news because aiming at a wider audience is definitely the key to success for newly built platforms.

Especially if you are aiming at developing regions, selling a dual-sim phone is a very good idea.



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The following guest post is by Bob Summerwill, who is the owner of Kitsilano Software.

Kitsilano Software released MonoTizen-1.0.0 today, 10th July 2014, to coincide with Tizen Developer Summit Russia 2014

Here are some videos created specifically for TizenExperts.com to show MonoTizen in action:




Tizen is now marketed as the Operating System of Everything. To carry through on that promise it is crucial that Tizen is deployed across as many different profiles as possible.

Tizen welcomes all Base Support Packages.

A few months ago Tizen:Common added support for the ARMv7 architecture. This upstream feature is still in progress (track https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TC-1234 )

However, if you would like to hack on Tizen on ARM, you’re able to do this now with or without any ARM Hardware.


The tizen-sunxi project community project was initiated by Leon Anavi. He uses Tizen IVI on AllWinnerTech CPU powered board and has also demonstrated it running on a cheap Android tablet recently.

The Tizen-sunxi project was originally based on Tizen:IVI but recently Tizen:Common was brought into the scope of the project too. Both profiles were demonstrated at the Eurogiciel’s booth at Tizen Developer Conference San Francisco 2014.

If you also own A20-Olinuxino-micro from Olimex (AllWinner A20), you just need to dump an image to SDCard (size should be 1GB 1000341504c at least) and just reboot on it.

Download : tizen-common-wayland-arm-sunxi-20140527rzr.raw.gz (md5=1660bb230f0ffaae2193eb484fe6fd56 ) from :


Note this image does not provide all Tizen:Common features yet but it’s enough for Tizen Hackers community to install their packages or improve on it.

Note, If could be easily adapted to other linux-sunxi hardware (cubiboard, banana-pi, lime etc).



Another option is to boot Tizen:Common on a virtual ARM machine
, to do this you only need 4 steps.

First install qemu-system-arm on your system (on debian family : sudo apt-get install qemu-system-arm ), then create or download armv7l disk image (tizen-common-wayland-arm-sunxi-20140527rzr.raw will also work). Since we wont boot on the image a kernel is needed just rebuild it or download it from upper link (vexpress has best support AFAIK).

Download and unpack binaries from :


Finally let’s boot the guest OS, from terminal :

cmdline=" root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootfstype=ext4 rootwait rootdelay=3 rw "

qemu-system-arm \
-M vexpress-a9 \
-m 521M -kernel $kernel \
-serial stdio -append "$cmdline" \
-drive if="sd,cache=unsafe,file=$disk"




Note there are many other platforms to be used, check this page https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/ARM.

I don’t exactly know the status or availability of those ports but Samsung Exynos platform deserves special attention since it is one of the reference platform for the Tizen ARM port (RD-PQ Tizen reference device has support for its MALI GPU)…

Recently, Tizen:IVI running on Renesas was demonstrated at Automotive Linux Summit 2014 in Tokyo

Side note there is support for cross-compiling to armv7l using this current gbs configuration:

$ cat ~/.gbs.conf
repos = repo.tizen_common_armv7l
buildroot = ~/tmp-GBS-tizen_common_armv7l/


$ gbs build -P "profile.tizen_common_armv7l" --include-all --arch armv7l


More to come at :


Source: https://dockr.eurogiciel.fr/blogs/embedded/tizen-for-arm-qemu-device/

Copyleft: CC-BY-SA pcl


Bulgaria was host to a special event, the first ever TuxCon conference, a community-driven event to promote free and open-source software for mobile, embedded and wearable devices. Speakers from all over Bulgaria and also some International ones took part to make the event an overall success, with many patron’s feeling they will visit again next year. Below are some video interviews that took place.

TuxCon interviews in English





TuxCon talks in English





There is also a TuxCon article about the hackathon that makes some Interesting reading :-)

Tizen-sunxi on Android tablet

Leon Anavi also showed his port of Tizen onto a commercially available Android tablet which has an Allwinner processor in it. The target was a Serioux Surya 7 Antares SMO9VDC tablet. This is a work in progress, and should be considered a proof of concept as many things aren’t quite working right now. Further information can be found on the Booting Tizen on a Android tablet post.


Please do not hesitate to contact the TuxCon team at [email protected] for any further information.

Tizen TV Web SDK 1 0 BETA Overview

If you want to install the Tizen TV SDK Beta 1.0, but just need a bit of a helping hand, then maybe this video is going to be of some use to you. It will giude you through not only the installation process, but also hand hold you through testing your applications.


Did you find the video useful? Let us know in the comments.


It seems like Samsung have cancelled their Russia Samsung Z Unpacked event that was taking place on the 10th July 2014, and was originally part of the Tizen Developer Summit Russia 2014 (TDSR14). No reason have been given at the moment as to why we have had this change. The Samsung Unpacked was seen as the russia launch event for the first commercially available Tizen Smartphone, the Samsung Z (SM-Z910F). The good news is that the TDSR14 and hackathon that is to follow it are still going ahead.

This is the first summit for developers of applications for the Tizen platform in Russia. You will have the opportunity to listen to Samsung and industry experts discuss the technical details, present and future of this versatile operating system. Also the first commercial Tizen device will be hand, the Samsung Z which was shown earlier this month at the Tizen Developer Conference 2014 in San Francisco


Updated Schedule

10:00 Registration of participants.
11:00 Keynote
Media Solution Center Russia, Samsung
11:05 Tizen: new platform – new features
Samsung executive and Roman Menyakin, Unity Russia
11:40 Overview of Tizen and Common IVI Profiles &
Matti-Pekka Sivosuo, Intel
12:10 Lunch
13:10 Unity-Tizen tool introduction
Jeong Min Kim, Samsung
Cross-platform development for Tizen
Ivan Beliy, Marmalade
13:45 Zvooq for Tizen
Andrei Tatarinov and Davide Livraghi, Dream Industries
Create mobile HTML5-applications for the platform using Tizen DevExtreme
Yuri Krutilin, DevExpress
14:20 Tizen for corporate customers
Alexander Kudryashov, Samsung
Tizen Store application store
Boris Molchanov, Samsung
14:50 Coffee Break
15:25 What have we learned in the process of porting more than 50 applications for Tizen
Dmitry Malenko and Vladislav Pavlov, rollApp
Tizen DevLab: a master class in HTML5-applications development
MSCR, Samsung
16:00 Developing hybrid applications for Tizen by the example of VKontakte
Anatoly Krivolapov, SnowForge
Tizen DevLab: a master class in native applications development
MSCR, Samsung
16:35 Test automation applications for the platform Tizen
Alexey Chikov, Samsung
Tizen DevLab: a master class in Gear2-applications development
MSCR, Samsung
17:10 Closing speech
17:25 Q & A
17:50 Dinner and live music


If you require further information, reach out to dev.cis @ partner.samsung.com or call +7-985-412-18-29.